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Siri Consulting Services is India’s No.1 Medical Event Management Company that organizes a wide variety of successful events for the Medical sector. We provide all-inclusive solutions to ensure the success of your next meeting or event, regardless of the venue or technology required.

With over 245+ Medical Live Transmissions, 150+ Marketing Events we gained accolades by doing events beyond expectations and created milestones.

Why us?

We at Siri Consulting Services always strive to think out of the box and come up with novel and trend-setting. Added to this, our 15 years of rich experience in the field of event management, marketing, and branding and our constant thirst to explore new opportunities, allow us to innovate on the fly & also we have been catering to renowned global companies offering turn-key solutions 

We have resources that can help you successfully hold regional and national events. We also have experience serving clients interested in holding events outside the borders. Experts at Siri Consulting are equipped and experienced to offer A-grade audio-visual services at several locations worldwide. Currently, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, and UAE are a part of our overseas experience.

It’s time you leverage the highly-experienced and dedicated team at Siri Consulting. You can jump to the bandwagon of successful high-tech medical events with our help. We assure you – our expertise in medical events and web development will never let you down!

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How we start?

We understand everything right from the root such as what does your company specialize in? What kinds of obstacles do you face? What problems are your customers or members encountering that you can help them solve? We will become integral members of your team when we have a comprehensive awareness of the leadership culture of your firm, how your organization functions, and your ambitions for the long term strategically. Because our business model is most successful when we are able to become more than just “hired help” and instead become strategic partners in event management, the first step for us is to learn as much as possible about both you and your company.